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Author: pgs_ranktim

Busting the Myths Around TMT Steel Bars in India

Thermo mechanically treated bars | SEL Tiger
November 30, 2023

Everyone has an opinion today, but without checking the facts, the opinions turn into myths, and that clouds the judgement of buyers, to make a big decision such as investment…

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Exploring the Role of TMT Bars in Reinforced Concrete Structure

TMT Bars in Reinforced Concrete
November 27, 2023

TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanically Treated. It refers to a specific process of steel augmentation and durability. These TMT bars are used to reinforce concrete structures in order to provide strength,…

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How to Ensure Proper TMT Bar Storage and Handling on the Construction Site?

Store and Handle TMT Bar | SEL Tiger TMT
November 23, 2023

In the world of construction, the importance of proper storage and handling of construction materials cannot be emphasized enough. One critical construction material which demands attention is Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT)…

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How to check Sariya ka Rate Today?

Sariya ka rate today | SEL Tiger
November 17, 2023

As a construction industry professional, it is crucial to know sariya ka rate or TMT bar price. Sariya, which is also known as TMT bars are thermo-mechanically treated bars, a…

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