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Top Challenges faced by homeowners during construction: Useful insights by a TMT bar supplier

TMT bar supplier

As a homeowner, you will find your home construction project exciting and rewarding.   But it can also come with some challenges. As a reputed TMT bar supplier, here we share useful insights on common challenges that you may face during construction:

1. Project approvals: The first step to building your dream home is getting the approvals for your project. You need to get several approvals before the contractor can start working on the project.  You need to get approvals from several government and municipal bodies. This may entail a lot of applications and submissions which can be time-consuming. Some of the common approvals you need are: 

  • Land clearance 
  • Building approval
  • Zonal approval 

2. Finding the right contractor: Finding the right contractor who will understand your specific requirements and ensure the perfect home construction is very important.  To shortlist potential contractors, you will have to research, read reviews and ratings online, and check to see if they are licensed.

3. Budget constraints:  Staying within the budget is one of the biggest challenges you may face.  The cost of construction materials, labour, and other expenses can quickly add up. It is important to carefully plan and allocate funds to stay on track. Thus,  you must have a proper understanding of your budget and discuss it in detail with your contractor to avoid changes or modifications to the original plan. 

4. Safety concerns: Construction sites are usually hazardous places. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the contractor you hire is reliable and follows all safety measures. This should be done for the safety of workers and site visitors like you and your family members.

5. Deciding the house plan and related changed orders: Change orders are required when you want to make changes to the initial construction plan. These changes will delay the project time and cost extra. It is recommended that you carefully consider the changes you want. 

6. Finding quality building materials: Ensuring that your contractor uses high-quality building materials can be a major concern for you. You may face some challenges in deciding which cement, ready mix concrete, TMT bars, waterproofing solutions and other building materials to use. When you are choosing building materials, always ensure that  you choose products that not just meet your budget but are also suitable in terms of durability and strength. The materials used in construction need to be strong enough to support the weight of the structure and withstand the various forces it will be subjected to, such as wind, rain and earthquakes. 

To create a strong structure, you need good quality cement and TMT bars. Though cement is strong, you need TMT bars to give the structure stability and strength. When high-quality TMT bars are used, structures can resist the effects of seismic activities.  Fe550D TMT bars are recommended for earthquake-prone zones. 

Looking for a reputed TMT bar supplier? 

If you are searching ‘TMT tmt bar suppliers near me’, online explore SEL Tiger TMT Bars.  Made using the latest and advanced technology, SEL Tiger TMT Bars are corrosion and fire resistant. They are also highly ductile and resistant to earthquakes. SEL Tiger TMT bars have a higher elongation percentage than other TMT bars. This high bendability of SEL Tiger TMT bars help the structure to withstand tremors and the after-effects of earthquakes.  Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are Fe 550D grade. For more details feel free to contact us.

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Using the best TMT bars for construction? Here are some do’s and don’ts you should know about

best TMT bars for construction

TMT bars are known for their superior ductility, high tensile strength, weldability and elongation. When you use the best TMT bars for construction, you can expect them to withstand significant loads and stress. However, to leverage the benefit of the best TMT rod for construction, they must be properly handled.  

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts you can keep in mind while using the best TMT bars for construction:  


  1. Use the correct size: The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are using the correct size and grade of bars for your construction. Based on the load-bearing requirements of the structure, the size and grade of the TMT bars should be used. The size of the concrete blocks or slabs should also be chosen accordingly. Discuss with a structural engineer or any other construction professional for their recommendations to ensure that you are using the right size and grade of TMT bars for your project.
  2. Ensure proper storage:  Ensure that the TMT bars are kept in a dry and damp-proof storage place to protect them from moisture and degradation.  TMT bars that need to be stored for a longer period of time need to be stored in secured packaging.
  3. Ensure that storage space is dry: The place where you are storing your TMT bars should be damp-proof. Any kind of moisture is not good for proper storage of TMT bars and they must always be stored in a dry space.
  4.  Ensure proper ventilation: Make sure that the place where you are storing your TMT bars has proper ventilation.  High levels of humidity can affect TMT bars.


  1.  Do not over-stack : Ensure that your TMT bars are not stacked as that may lead to accidents. It is also advisable to not over-stack a storage space with TMT bars as that may also compromise the sturdy structure of the rod. 
  2. Do not use damaged or bent bars: It is never recommended to use TMT bars that are damaged or bent. Carefully scrutinise  the TMT bars before they are put to use. If you find damaged bars, discard them. 
  3. Do not keep TMT bars on the floor: It is not advisable to keep TMT bars directly on the floor.  This is done to avoid contact with dust particles and water droplets. 
  4. Do not store them with abrasive materials:  Never store paints, chemicals or any other corrosive substances in the same storage space as the TMT bars.
  5. Don’t use TMT bars for purposes other than their intended use: Different TMT bars are designed for specific applications.  It is important to use TMT bars only for their intended purpose in construction. Using TMT bars for purposes other than reinforcing concrete structures can compromise their performance and safety. TMT bars are designed and manufactured specifically for reinforcing concrete and are not suitable for other applications. 

Looking for the best TMT bars for construction? 

If you are looking for the best TMT bar construction, consider SEL Tiger TMT bars. Here are some reasons to choose our TMT bars: 

  • Our TMT bars are made in automated CNC machines which give them accurate and perfect ribs. Manufactured using the latest quenching technology, SEL Tiger TMT bars have a unique rib design that ensures a long-lasting bond with the concrete. SEL Tiger TMT bars are Fe 550D grade which make them ideal for areas with high seismic activities. 
  • SEL Tiger TMT bars are fire and corrosion-resistant. They can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius and withstand the effects of rain, salinity and acidic substances.
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How to build a strong building foundation? Useful insights on the use of TMT bars

tmt bar price in west bengal

There are no two ways that the foundation on which a building is built is the most significant component. It is the basis of a building that transfers load from the superstructure to the earth. There can be structural problems in the future if the foundation is not built properly. Once the foundation starts rusting or deteriorating, the base of the columns will sink into the ground making the structure unstable. Although foundations are made from a number of materials — reinforced concrete, TMT rods, and stone. Here we share with you tips on building a strong building foundation and how to use of TMT bars for it: 

1. Know the soil condition: Before you start laying the foundation for your house,  it is important to understand the type and condition of soil. The type of soil you are constructing upon plays a huge role in choosing the building materials. It is a good idea to get soil inspection done before proceeding with any construction. Some of the soil tests that are done before laying the foundation are:

  • Moisture content test
  • Specific gravity of soil
  • Dry density of soil
  • Compaction test 

Note: The spacing of TMT bars depends on the type of soil. 

2. Use high quality TMT bars: TMT bars play a significant role in giving the foundation much-needed strength and stability. Good quality TMT bars also help in resisting the effects of earthquakes. The TMT bars are placed inside a block of concrete. Ideally, TMT bars should not be too close to the earth. Although these rods are mechanically treated so that they can withstand a good amount of pressure and load, this is done to reduce the risk of corrosion. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use high quality corrosion resistant TMT bars. 

If you are looking to buy corrosion-resistant TMT rods, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. Manufactured using the latest quenching technology, SEL Tiger TMT bars come with enhanced anti-corrosive properties that ensure that they form a long-lasting bond with the concrete. Our TMT bars are not just corrosion-resistant but also earthquake-resistant. The high bendability of SEL Tiger TMT bars help the structure to withstand Tremors and after effects of earthquakes. As they comply with IS 1786:2008 for Fe 550D grade, SEL Tiger  TMT bars give houses a strong foundation making them ideal for earthquake-prone areas. To know TMT bar price in West Bengal, click here.  For information other than rod price in West Bengal, contact us.

3. The layout should be strategically planned: To make a strong foundation, the height and weight of the building needs to be taken into consideration. Usually, the foundation should be of equal length and size to take the weight of the house. 

4. Make sure there is no water in the concrete: When you build the foundation, it needs to be dry. If you start constructing on wet cement, the water will get trapped inside and the foundation will remain weak. Make sure that the foundation has no signs of cracks or water seepage from time to time. 

5. Use high quality bolts: The bolts that are fixed into the slab of the foundation play a significant role in making the foundation strong. Firstly, high quality and corrosion resistant bolts should be used. They should be set perfectly and evenly on the foundation.

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Building a roof? Here are some useful insights on quality construction materials and finding the right TMT suppliers in Asansol

TMT Bars in Asansol

The roof of a house is one of the most important features. It protects you, your family and the entire structure from outdoor elements. It also significantly influences the curb appeal of the house. Therefore,  it is important to ensure that quality construction material is used while building the roof. Here we discuss common construction materials  for building roofs and how to find the right TMT suppliers in Asansol:  

Common construction materials used for making a roof include: 

  • Cement: One of the most basic construction materials that is needed to build the roof slab is cement. To keep your house and family secure from weather elements such as sunlight, wind, and rain, use high-quality cement. If good quality of cement is not used along TMT bars, the roof may sag easily, compromising the integrity of the structure. Use high-quality cement that resists water absorption and dampness.
  • Coarse aggregates:  To ensure the desired strength and durability of a structure, it’s important to choose good-quality coarse aggregates. Coarse aggregates refer to sand, gravel, and broken stones. Ideally, coarse aggregates of a size of 20 mm or less are used for concrete works. The size and texture of coarse aggregate can be visually inspected. But, the porosity and gradations require lab tests.
  • Fine aggregate: Fine aggregates consist of natural sand or any crushed stone particles that are less than 9mm. Pit Sand, river sand and sea sand are some fine aggregates.  Good-quality fine aggregates are free from impurities. They should not react with cement and absorb too much water. They are used for making  mixed concrete. They are also used for preparing mortar for masonry work.
  • TMT bars: Although cement has a lot of strength, it has no tensile strength. Therefore TMT bars are used in cement to increase its tensile strength. Without the use of TMT bars, buildings cannot resist the effects of an earthquake. High-quality 550D TMT bars are highly ductile and can hold the building during an earthquake.

Looking for TMT suppliers in Asansol? 

If you are looking for TMT suppliers in Asansol, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars.  Made using high-grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique THERMEX, our TMT bars are: 

  • Corrosion-resistant:  A coating of chromium and nickel alloy makes them resist corrosion. 
  • Fire-resistant: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars can withstand temperatures up to 600-degree celsius. 
  • Earthquake resistant: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars have 16% elongation, which exceeds the usual 12% norm. This helps in resisting the effects of earthquakes. 
  • Certified: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are ISO, BIS-certified and NABL-approved. 

For more information about our TMT bars, get in touch with us.

Binding wire: Binding wires are used for tying TMT bars at joints so as to keep the structure intact. Made of mild steel, the good-quality binding wire should be flexible enough to allow easy workability and strong enough to not break. The diameter of the binding wire depends on the size of the TMT bars and the laid they support.

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Planning to build a home in Odisha? Here’re some tips to negotiate with your contractor on TMT price and other construction costs

TMT bars in Odisha

If you are planning to build a house in Odisha, finding a contractor and negotiating the contract can be an uphill task. Some contractors are willing to negotiate their price and others won’t budge. The good news is that there are some negotiation strategies that may come in handy when you are dealing with contractors. Here’re some tips to negotiate with your contractor on TMT bar price in Odisha and other construction costs:

  1. Research the contractors you’re looking to hire:

Hiring a contractor is a big decision. You want to make sure that the company you pick is reliable and licensed. The best way to find a good contractor is to ask for recommendations from friends or family. You can also read reviews online. Once you have a few names, you should look at their work and ask for references from their past clients. In some cases, you may find that working with less experienced contractors is more cost-effective. But you will have to make sure that you’re comfortable with their level of expertise.

  1. Get multiple bids:

Getting multiple bids from contractors can help you ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. It’s also a good idea to talk to multiple contractors and solicit their advice, as this can give you some new ideas for construction. Moreover, it’s worth taking the time to compare quotations and talk to multiple contractors before making a final decision.

  1. Be clear about your budget:

Although it may be tempting to give your contractors a high-end budget figure to get them to provide a better quality of work, this may actually backfire as unexpected costs may come up during the project. Instead, give your contractors a figure with some buffer. This will help to ensure that you stay within budget, even if there are unexpected costs along the way. 

  1. Schedule renovations at the right time:

Most people tend to schedule home renovations during Diwali or spring, which is a peak time for renovations.  If you’re looking to save money, it is best to do your renovation project in the off-season.

  1. Offer to pay for materials:

When hiring a contractor, you may pay for subcontractors or material supplies such as bricks, cement, concrete and TMT bars directly. Most contractors offer to purchase the supplies you need for the project and include their cost estimates in the contract. The contractor usually already has a supplier they like, so prices can be high due to convenience. However, if you are willing to buy supplies yourself, you may be able to get a better deal. However, check the quantities in advance so that you don’t run out of construction materials in the middle of the project.

Note: While it’s important to negotiate with your contractor, it is equally important to ensure that your contractor is using high quality construction materials such as cement, bricks and TMT bars. As TMT bars provide better reinforcement to the concrete structure and resist earthquakes, it’s important to buy high-quality TMT bars. TMT bars provide strength and durability to the structure and they also help to resist earthquakes. 

Are you looking for high-quality TMT bars in Odisha?

If you are living in Odisha and looking for high-quality TMT bars, consider SEL Tiger TMT bars. We provide ISO, BIS certified and NABL approved TMT bars. We use  high-grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique THERMEX to manufacture SEL Tiger TMT bars. In addition, TMT bars are corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Check the TMT rod price in Odisha here.  You can also get in touch with us for more information.  

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Building a new home in Rajasthan? How to prepare for a meeting with an architect?

If you live in Rajasthan and are building your dream house for the first time, finding the right architect for your project is important. It is essential to meet different architects to determine if they possess the right skills to develop your project. To get the most out of your initial meeting with an architect, it’s important to be well-prepared. Here are some tips to prepare for a meeting with an architect:

  1. Check their credentials

Though in India, architects do not need a licence to practice, it’s a good idea to work with an architect who is registered with the Council of Architecture. Before meeting different architects, do your due diligence with regards to their credentials and experience. Ask to see examples of their previous work and see if they have any previous customer testimonials.

  1. Know your needs

Building a new home isn’t an overnight process. It’s something that could take anything from a few months and even years, depending on the scope of work. As an architect has an important role to play in this journey, it is essential to understand different types of architects and what you need. For instance, if you are renovating your house, you may need an interior architect who can focus on creating interior spaces. However, if you are building a new house, look for residential architects with similar experience.

  1. Create checklist

For a fruitful meeting, go to your first meeting with an architect fully prepared. Write down all your must haves/wants. It’s also a good idea to take plenty of newspaper/magazine cuttings of home designs you really like. This way you will be better able to tell what you want and the architect will know the kind of home you’re looking for.

  1. Talk money

It is best to tell your architect about your budget and at the same time, understand how his or her fees will be calculated. Some architects charge on the basis of the time they invest while some while others search a fixed percentage of the overall construction cost.

  1. Ask what quality construction materials

Architects work closely with structural engineers on choosing construction materials based on their load-bearing capabilities. Concrete, TMT bars, steel, wood, masonry, and stone are some construction materials that are used in building a house. Each has different grades, strength, and durability, which make them right for various applications. Architects also choose materials based on cost and aesthetics. During your meeting you can ask what grade of construction materials they recommend.

As TMT bars carry the load of your entire building, ask architects to suggest the right grade of TMT bars for your project. Fe 550D TMT bars are widely used for residential and commercial projects.

Looking for top quality TMT bars in Rajasthan?

Our SEL Tiger TMT bars have been used in leading housing projects. Made with superior technology, our SEL Tiger TMT Bars

  • Can withstand the impacts of harsh external weather such as rain, groundwater salinity or acidic substances.
  • Can withstand high temperatures up to 600°C to 650°C.
  • Are ideal high seismic zones as they have high bendability, allowing them to withstand the effects of earthquakes.
  • are BIS certified, ISO certified and NABL approved.

To know the TMT bar price in Rajasthan, get in touch with us.

  1. Ask what they need from you

Before you end the meeting, ask the architect what information they need from you. An architect might need information relating to land deeds. This will help the architect understand what are the local regulations and what permission needs to be taken before any kind of construction work is started.

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How to read a floor plan: useful insights by one of the best TMT brands

If you live in Rajasthan and are building your dream house for the first time, here’s a useful read for you. Here we discuss how important it is for homeowners to understand the floor plan of their house. In addition to the floor plan, there are several other important factors to consider such as choosing quality construction materials such as cement and TMT bars.

Note: For the longevity of your home, it is important that you use quality construction materials  at the time of building. As TMT Bars play a key role in providing strength to the building, make sure that you only buy from the best TMT brand. If you are looking for the TMT Saria in Rajasthan, explore SEL TMT bars. Our TMT bars are manufactured with advanced quenching technology called Thermex that makes our TMT bars corrosion and fire resistant. Our TMT bars have a good elongation that makes it ideal for earthquake-prone areas. Our TMT bars are ISO certified, BIS certified and NABL approved.

Now, let’s discuss some useful insights on floor plan:

A floor plan shows a bird’s-eye view of your home, and the relationship between the spaces, rooms and features like sinks and fireplaces. It is a map that shows all the details including staircases, doors, walls and other physical features of your home. A floor plan will not only tell you how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be there, but it will give you a detailed idea of built-in features. But with so many symbols, numbers and lines, a floor plan can be a little difficult to interpret. It is to be noted that when compared to other plans such as plumbing and electrical plans, the floor plan is not quite as detailed enough for the builder to construct a home, but it helps you understand the overall space of your home. Understanding a floor plan is important for you so that you can convey changes to architects and contractors.

  • Walls: Walls are represented by two parallel lines. The external walls are represented by a thick solid line. The internal walls are represented by a thinner solid line.
  • Doors and windows: Generally, regular single doors are drawn as a right-angle line with an arc that is used for connecting the wall. The arc location indicates in what way the door will get swung open.

Note:  Usually, the floor plan doesn’t tell you anything about in which direction a window or door opens, or the height of the window or door.

  • Stairs: Staircases are drawn as a series of rectangles. Here, an arrow is used to indicate which direction the stairs might go.
  • Kitchens: Normally, kitchens are pretty easy to spot on the floor plan. You will easily notice cabinets, sink and areas where kitchen appliances such as fridge, oven and dishwasher will go.
  • Ceilings: As floor plans are flat, the ceilings are usually not shown in a floor plan. The ceiling height is numerically indicated, using a dashed line.
  • Furniture: In a floor plan, the concept of placement of furniture is given. However, the dimensions of moveable furniture are not given. If you are getting custom-made cupboards, TV units and cabinetry, your contractor will share the exact dimensions to give you a proper idea of how the built-in furniture will look.

For more such useful insights on home construction, watch this space.

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