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Reasons you should use the best quality sariya to make your home earthquake-resistant

best quality sariya

India is a country with many earthquake-prone areas. In fact, there are a few regions that are not earthquake-prone.  According to a report, 56% of India’s land area is prone to moderate-to-severe earthquakes. It is, therefore, important to use high-quality construction materials to ensure the stability of structures in earthquake-prone areas. One important construction material is sariya (TMT bars).  Best quality sariya plays a very important role in making a building earthquake-resistant.  Here are some reasons you should use the best quality sariya to make your home earthquake-resistant:

  1. Ductility: When it comes to seismic resistance, ductility is one of the important features of the TMT bars. The TMT bars can bring a higher level of flexibility to the structure due to its unique manufacturing process, which makes it ideal for buildings in areas where earthquakes are frequent. This ensures that when the buildings are shaken up in the event of an earthquake, it can easily absorb the shocks without breaking.
  1. Corrosion resistance: Corrosion is a major problem for many types of structures. When ordinary sariya corrodes, it weakens and becomes more vulnerable to the after-effects of an earthquake. This is why many engineers, contractors and builders prefer to use corrosion-resistant TMT bars. SEL Tiger TMT bars come with enhanced anti-corrosive properties which ensures that the concrete is bonded tightly with the bars. All these properties of our TMT bars keep buildings standing even under stress.
  1. High strength: Earthquake-resistant TMT bars also come in various grades of strength and ductility. 550D grade TMT bars are the most suitable for earthquake-prone areas as they have mechanical properties (strength & ductility) with consistent quality to resist tremors. SEL TIGER TMT bars comply with IS 1786:2008 for CRS Fe550D Grade.
  1. Flexibility: Best quality sariya have good flexibility and bendability, which ensures that they do not break while bending. This attribute is very important when you are looking for the best quality sariya for high seismic zones. Our SEL TigerTMT bars have 16% elongation.  This bendability and flexibility help TMT bars in resisting the effects of earthquakes. In addition, the unique composition of Fe 550D allows it to resist corrosion and weathering, making it a durable choice for any construction project. 
  1. Fire resistance: Often tremors caused by severe earthquakes can cause fires. These fires start when electrical and gas lines are dislodged due to the earth’s shaking. Due to the high thermal stability, SEL Tiger TMT bars can withstand 400 to 600-degree temperatures; this ensures the structural integrity of the buildings even during a fire.

Are you looking for the best quality sariya?

Our SEL Tiger TMTbars are among the best quality sariya.  They are known for durability and strength. We sell the best quality TMT bars in over 16 states in India. Our SEL Tiger TMT bars have a unique rib design that ensures a strong, gives maximum Rib Area (AR) value, and long-lasting Tiger Bond with RCC. Our TMT bars are corrosion-resistant. For more details, feel free to contact us.

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TMT bars and natural disasters: check these insights

To build a home that is durable and long lasting, the materials used for construction have to be of the highest quality. TMT bars are a primary material used for all construction purposes. It is important to use the high quality TMT in
construction. TMT bars hold the structure together and thus, buy TMT bars that can withstand the impact of natural disasters. If you are building a new home, here are some useful on TMT bars and natural disasters:

  1. Fire: Fires may be natural or man-made, depending on what originally caused the disaster. In case of fire, the damage to the building can be severe. Therefore, when choosing TMT bars, fire safety should be among the top priorities. The fire-resistant properties of TMT bars has made them a sought-after construction material. Our SEL TMT Bars are resistant upto 600°C to 650°C.
  2. Rain: Poor quality TMT bars rust or corrode if they are exposed to oxygen and moisture. The corroded bars do not show much adhesiveness to the concrete and compromise the structural integrity of the building. With the combination of a proper quenching system and steel, our SEL Tiger TMT Bars can withstand impacts of harsh external weathers such as rain, groundwater salinity or acidic substances. Ordinary TMT bars do not have
    these properties to withstand such conditions.
  3. Storms and cyclones: Many cities in India are now frequently experiencing storms and cyclones. Strong winds can damage the buildings. Good quality TMT bars provide the building with structural stability, allowing it to withstand storms and cyclones. Produced and curated through automated machines, our SEL Tiger TMT bars are known for their solid grip on RCC. Ordinary bars with a smooth body lose their grip cyclones or earthquakes. This isn’t the case with Our SEL Tiger TMT bars that have ribbed patterns.
  4. Earthquake: TMT bars are known for offering strength and structural stability to buildings. Good-quality TMT bars are known for earthquake-resistant properties. Government regulations have made it compulsory to use TMT bars for important construction projects in earthquake-prone areas. Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are flexible and have high bendability. This helps the building to deal with the sideway movement and withstand the effects of earthquakes.

Looking for the leading TMT bar manufacturer?

We are among the best TMT brands in India. Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are known for strength, durability and versatility. We sell the best quality TMT bars in over 16 states in India. Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are manufactured using the German-based quenching system – THERMEX. Our products are certified for MS and CRS Grades through IS 2830:2012 compliance. Our TMT bars also comply with IS 1786:2008 for CRS, FE415, and Fe550D Grade.

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