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Using the best TMT bars for construction? Here are some do’s and don’ts you should know about

best TMT bars for construction

TMT bars are known for their superior ductility, high tensile strength, weldability and elongation. When you use the best TMT bars for construction, you can expect them to withstand significant loads and stress. However, to leverage the benefit of the best TMT rod for construction, they must be properly handled.  

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts you can keep in mind while using the best TMT bars for construction:  


  1. Use the correct size: The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are using the correct size and grade of bars for your construction. Based on the load-bearing requirements of the structure, the size and grade of the TMT bars should be used. The size of the concrete blocks or slabs should also be chosen accordingly. Discuss with a structural engineer or any other construction professional for their recommendations to ensure that you are using the right size and grade of TMT bars for your project.
  2. Ensure proper storage:  Ensure that the TMT bars are kept in a dry and damp-proof storage place to protect them from moisture and degradation.  TMT bars that need to be stored for a longer period of time need to be stored in secured packaging.
  3. Ensure that storage space is dry: The place where you are storing your TMT bars should be damp-proof. Any kind of moisture is not good for proper storage of TMT bars and they must always be stored in a dry space.
  4.  Ensure proper ventilation: Make sure that the place where you are storing your TMT bars has proper ventilation.  High levels of humidity can affect TMT bars.


  1.  Do not over-stack : Ensure that your TMT bars are not stacked as that may lead to accidents. It is also advisable to not over-stack a storage space with TMT bars as that may also compromise the sturdy structure of the rod. 
  2. Do not use damaged or bent bars: It is never recommended to use TMT bars that are damaged or bent. Carefully scrutinise  the TMT bars before they are put to use. If you find damaged bars, discard them. 
  3. Do not keep TMT bars on the floor: It is not advisable to keep TMT bars directly on the floor.  This is done to avoid contact with dust particles and water droplets. 
  4. Do not store them with abrasive materials:  Never store paints, chemicals or any other corrosive substances in the same storage space as the TMT bars.
  5. Don’t use TMT bars for purposes other than their intended use: Different TMT bars are designed for specific applications.  It is important to use TMT bars only for their intended purpose in construction. Using TMT bars for purposes other than reinforcing concrete structures can compromise their performance and safety. TMT bars are designed and manufactured specifically for reinforcing concrete and are not suitable for other applications. 

Looking for the best TMT bars for construction? 

If you are looking for the best TMT bar construction, consider SEL Tiger TMT bars. Here are some reasons to choose our TMT bars: 

  • Our TMT bars are made in automated CNC machines which give them accurate and perfect ribs. Manufactured using the latest quenching technology, SEL Tiger TMT bars have a unique rib design that ensures a long-lasting bond with the concrete. SEL Tiger TMT bars are Fe 550D grade which make them ideal for areas with high seismic activities. 
  • SEL Tiger TMT bars are fire and corrosion-resistant. They can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius and withstand the effects of rain, salinity and acidic substances.
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How long does a whole house renovation take: useful insights by a TMT bar company

Home renovation is significant for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it can add value to your home. Furthermore, renovating can also help you make your home more comfortable and functional. However, renovation takes time. As a leading TMT bar company, we share with you on useful insights how much time a whole house renovation takes:

Note: In the construction industry, when it comes to predicting different projects’ timeframes, there is no exact formula. The time required to complete a renovation project can vary based on several important factors such as:

  • Size, scope and complexity
  • Approvals
  • Availability of labour
  1. Hiring an architect:

An architect is a professional who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process. However, it is important to choose an architect who understands your needs, wants and vision. To find the right architect, you need to invest time in understanding what you want. This may take initial design meetings with several architects until you figure out which one you want to work with. Choosing an architect may take a few weeks or even a month.

  1. Design approval:

The design phase for a house renovation can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the size and scope of the project. During this time, the architect will work with you to create a custom design that meets your needs and budget. Once you approve the designs, they need to be submitted to the relevant authorities.

  1. Construction permits:

For any major renovation, you need approval from the local authorities. You may seek approvals from bodies such as the local municipality and housing society. Some electrical work, plumbing work and exterior renovation may require additional approvals. In some cases, permits can be obtained within a matter of days, while in others the process may take 2 to 3 weeks or even longer.

  1. Bidding phase:

The bidding phase of a house renovation typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, contractors will submit bids that will explain:

  • How will the project be executed?
  • Which construction materials will be used?
  • How will construction materials be procured?
  • What will be the deadline of the project?

You will then review the bids and select a contractor that you feel is best suited for the job. It is important to note that the bidding phase is not always the same for every house renovation.

A very important part of hiring contractors is to ensure that they are known for using high-quality construction materials such as cement, ready mix concrete, wood, tiles and TMT bars. TMT bars are the backbone of construction projects. If you are looking for TMT bars in Odisha, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. Made using 100% pure steel, our TMT bars are technically superior. Our TMT bars are manufactured using the advanced German-based quenching process, which makes them fire and corrosion resistant. Our TMT bars are preferred by contractors as they can be easy to work with. They can be easily welded into desired shapes without producing any defects. Get in touch with us for more information about the TMT bar price in Odisha.

  1. Construction phase:

Once the design process and bidding process are complete and all necessary permits have been obtained, the next stage is the construction. The duration of the construction phase will depend on the size and scope of the project, but most renovations take 3 to 9 months to complete. Some major renovation projects may even take over a year.

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From selecting the best TMT bar in India to choosing the right builder- here are some important factors to consider before you build your new home

If you are planning to build your dream home, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to create an ideal space that suits your lifestyle and needs. Building a home is a huge investment so it’s important to get everything right from beginning till the end. To make things a bit easier for you, we share with you important factors to consider before you build your new home:

1. Checklist of your needs: It can be quite tempting to get started with the construction at the earliest. To avoid costly
redos it is best to go step-wise. Creating a checklist of must haves for your home project is important as it will help you communicate better with your architect and contractor.

2. Plan your space: When planning your space, there are some many things to consider. How many members will be living in the house? Do you want spacious rooms and kitchens? Do you have any special requirements of say a mini-theatre room or a small study? Keep your personal needs in mind when planning the space.

Note: Everybody wants a bright and airy house. At the time of planning the rooms and windows, make sure you take the direction of the sun into account.

3. Get the right material: Using the right materials is a very crucial factor in home construction. A good home should be able to last for decades. For that it has to be sturdy and well-constructed. Do not skimp on quality materials.

4. Select the best TMT bar in India: TMT bars carry the load of your entire building. And, that’s one construction material that you should not compromise on. Ordinary TMT bars corrode due to the constant exposure to moist air or heavy rainfall. So, buy top quality bars that are corrosion and earthquake resistant. Fe 550D TMT bars are most widely used TMT bars used for residential and commercial projects.

We are among the best TMT brands in India. Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are known for their strength and durability. Made of 100% pure steel using the German-based quenching system – THERMEX, our SEL Tiger TMT bars

    • Have unique rib design gives maximum Rib Area (AR) value for a long-lasting Tiger Bond with concrete.
    • Are technologically superior
    • Are Corrosion-resistant
    • Are Earthquake resistant
    • Offer better bendability, re-bendability and ease of cutting.

Get in touch with us to know more about our TMT bars

5. Set the budget: Once you know your needs and wants, it’s time to talk about budgeting. Using the checklist, research and create a budget. Figure out priorities, adjust the wishlist accordingly. Besides construction cost, there are many other additional expenses such as building permits, local authorities fees, off-site living expenses and property taxes. When chalking out the budget, do consider these expenditures.

Note: If you are taking a construction loan, remember not only expenses will be covered.

6. Choose the right builder: Choosing the right builder is important to make your dream house a reality. Before asking shortlisting contractors, it is a good idea to get the blueprint of the house ready. This way, you can figure out whether you need a general builder and a specialist. Here are a few tips to select a builder:

    • Analyse the project’s scope: You will find all kinds of contractors in the market — high-end building companies or individual contractors. The selection depends on the scope of the project. High-end building companies may have a better timeline but they may cost you more.
    • Get recommendations from family and friends: Before contacting the contractors, ask your friends and family for photos of their house, so that you get an idea about the quality of work.
    • Read online reviews: To know more about the contractors, read client testimonials on their websites. There are many open online forums where clients leave reviews about contractors.
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Useful insights on contemporary house style by a leading TMT bar manufacturing company in India

If you are planning to build your dream house, you will come across many different interior design styles such as contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, minimalist or and industrial. Contemporary style is one of the most popular one these days. Knowing what contemporary style of home means to you can help you communicate better with interior designers and contractors. As a leading TMT bar manufacturing company in India, we share with you useful insights on contemporary style of house:

What is a contemporary style of house?

Unlike other interior decor styles, contemporary design style doesn’t refer to any specific period of time. A contemporary style reflects the current style. It is constantly evolving to reflect the popular styles of present day design. Given its fluid nature, the characteristics of contemporary house style often overlap with modern and minimalist styles.

Note: No matter what kind of house style you opt for, make sure that the foundation of the home is strong. TMT Bars are one of the most important construction materials as they are the backbone of a construction project. Make sure you use 550D TMT bars as they are known for high strength and ductility.

Looking for the best TMT bar in West Bengal or the best TMT bar in Kolkata?

If you are looking for the best TMT bar in West Bengal, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. They are manufactured using the advanced quenching process which makes them fire and corrosion resistant. As they possess excellent bendability, they can be used in earthquake-prone areas.

  • Our SEL Tiger TMT bars can be easily welded into desired shapes without producing any defects.
  • Our TMT bars are made of 100% pure steel using the German-based quenching system – THERMEX.
  • Our TMT bars are BIS certified, ISO certified and NABL approved.
  • We comply with the best quality, environmental and health and safety certifications.

Get in touch with us to know more about our SEL tiger TMT bars

How to build a contemporary style home?

  • Let there be natural light: One of the defining features of a contemporary home is a lot of light, especially natural light. At the time of discussing a house plan with an architect make sure you pay attention to the direction and size of structural elements such as windows and skylights. The house plan can make all the difference when it comes to how much natural light you allow to let in.
  • Use colours wisely: Some of the main colours that are widely used in contemporary style of homes are neutrals, black, and white. For instance, these days, monochrome styles of homes are trendy. Clean white walls with chic black furniture give a home a classic appeal. For bathrooms, many homeowners are opting for pristine white tiles for walls and black and white patterned flooring.Note: When you are using bright and bold colours, balance them with neutral shades to avoid the house looking over-the-top.
  • Bring your floors up to date: In a contemporary style of home, floors are something that cannot be easily ignored. Patterned tiles, wood, or wood-style vinyl flooring or laminate are some popular choices for flooring.
  • Sustainability: There is a widening focus on sustainability these days. You can build a contemporary style of home while embracing sustainable strategies that reduce the negative environmental impact of construction. From using environment-friendly construction materials such as TMT bars and cement to better water management, you can work with architects and contractors to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.
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TMT bar price in Rajasthan and other FAQs answered here

It would not be wrong to say that TMT bars are the backbone of modern constructions. Tougher on the outside and soft on the inside, Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars provide durability and strength to the structure. Be it homes, towers, dams or roads, TMT bars are an integral part of the construction. If you are looking for TMT bars for your home construction, here some frequently asked questions and their answers that you will find useful:

Question 1: Why is the TMT bar used in construction?
TMT bars are an important construction material that is used in the main frame that a building stands on. This frame is made of reinforced concrete which gets support and strength from concrete and TMT bar. TMT bars carry the load of the entire construction and provide the building strength. To sum up, TMT bars offers:

  • Durability
  • Structural stability
  • Enhanced reinforcement to construction structures

Question 2: What are the features of good quality TMT bars?
SEL Tiger TMT BARs are among the best in the market. Our best quality TMT bars that are highly durable and malleable at the same time. Our SEL Tiger TMT BARs are known for

  • Solid Grip on RCC
  • Resistance to Fire & Corrosion
  • Resistant to Earthquake

Question 3: How are high quality TMT Bars manufactured?
SEL Tiger TMT BARs are manufactured using the German-based quenching system- THERMEX. We use iron ore and Coal to produce 100% pure steel and our products are certified for MS and CRS Grades through IS 2830:2012 compliance. Our TMT bars also comply with IS 1786:2008 for CRS, FE415, and Fe550D Grade.

Question 4: Are TMT bars affordable?
TMT bars are more cost-effective than other steel bars. The reason being TMT bars (Fe415 and Fe500D) offer superior load-bearing capabilities which allow them to be used economically. The same isn’t the case with steel bars. By using Fe415 and Fe500D, you can save about 3 to 4% in your TMT Bar purchases.

Question 5: Do TMT bars rust?
Steel corrodes in existence of chloride ions but TMT Bars are casted with a thermo-mechanical treatment making them highly rust and corrosion resistant. The combination of a proper quenching system and steel makes SEL TMT Bars are immune to impacts from harsh external weathers and corrosion.

Question 6: How to buy good quality TMT bars?
The best and easiest way to buy good quality TMT bars is to buy products that are manufactured using the latest technology with robust quality-check processes. For this, buy TMT bars that carry certifications confirming its adherence to quality and safety standards. SEL Tiger TMT BARs are BIS certified, ISO certified, NABL certified, and have Thermex license.

Question 7: What is TMT bar price in Rajasthan?
With our TMT rate chart, you can see TMT bar price in Rajasthan as well as other states such as Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.

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