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Planning to build a new home in Rajasthan? Here are some useful insights on storing common construction materials such as cement and TMT saria

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If you are planning to build a new home in Rajasthan, you must be really excited about it and want the construction work to start as soon as possible. However, before your dream home can become a reality, you must ensure that all the construction materials are safely handled so that the contractor can use them whenever needed. If not properly stored, construction materials may degrade making them useless. Here we share with you some useful insights on storing common construction materials such as cement and TMT Saria:  

1. Let trained workers handle all construction materials 

Cement, bricks ,and saria are some materials that require different methods of handling. Always let trained workers handle these materials. Those who may not have any experience in handling such materials may end up getting hurt or running the materials.  

2. Do not store different materials together 

For home construction, different types of materials are used. Some construction materials can react with each other when they are kept together. For instance, highly flammable materials should be stored outside the construction area. They must be kept away from other construction materials. For instance, plywood, paint and petrol should not be stored together. These materials, when stored together, can trigger a fire. In case outdoor storage is not possible, internal storage must be arranged in such a way that safety measures are taken.  

3. Choose the storage space as per the construction material 

Here are some ways to store common construction materials: 

  • TMT bars: TMT bars must be kept in a dry and moisture-free storage place. If the TMT bars are not to be used immediately, they must be appropriately packaged or covered with plastic sheets. The humidity levels inside the storage area should not be too high. Also, the storage space needs to have proper ventilation.

Note: Do not stack too many bars together as it can lead to an accident if they fall. Also, it may damage the physical properties of the TMT bars.

  • Cement: Keep cement in a dry, leak-proof ,and moisture-proof environment. All the doors and windows must be kept closed.Bags must be stacked above the ground.
  • Bricks: When not handled properly, bricks can break, crack or chip. To prevent any damage, bricks should be stored on a flat surface. Direct contact with the ground should be avoided. They should be stacked in a way that allows easy handling. Make sure there’s adequate air circulation around the bricks. 

4. Do not store too much construction material 

Each construction material has its storage weight limit, which is mentioned on its packaging. When handling and storing construction materials, the weight limit should not be ignored. Make sure that the workers follow the weight limit when handling and storing the materials. 

Note: Always make sure that the construction materials that you are using are of high quality. 

Looking for TMT Saria? Check TMT Saria price in Rajasthan and other important details 

Explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. Our TMT bars are highly durable and malleable. Also, they are BIS and ISO certified. We use high-grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique called THERMEX. 

Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are known for their: 

  • Tiger bond with RCC
  • Weldability 
  • Strength and ductility
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  • Purity
  • Bendability and bendability
  • Earthquake resistance

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