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TMT Bar Manufacturing Factories

In order to be one of the best TMT brand in east India, Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd uses the most innovative technologies in the factory. We have the most effective innovative design to protect us from the volatility of price and help us to provide the best in class product to the nation and also in the international market. The company, being one of the best TMT brand always wants to satisfy our customers. The fungible designs of our factory help us to adapt to the changing market, which again elevates this company to the level of other TMT best brands. We keep our customers at the top of our priority to achieve the mark one of the best TMT bar manufacturing firm in eastern India. No matter what happens or what the order is, we emphasize the quality of our production. We use microprocessor-based product technologies to ensure high performance and quality assurance in manufacturing the TMT bars. Our focus is to make our product eligible to handle every situation in the construction and make those products the first preference of customers.

We have two integrated powerful steel plants operating in India at Sambalpur, Jamuria. We also have our factories at Mangalpur, Pakuria & Girdih in West Bengal. Our factories are equipped with the high-power and with the most productive organisms, again accentuating its scope of attaining the status of the nation’s one of the best TMT bar manufacturing firm. Our manufacturing capacity has touched the mark of 5.71 million tonnes per annum. Shyam Metalics happily caters to customers from the different corners of India which has made the company to be considered the best TMT bar manufacturing company. Our Jamuria and Mangalpur plant caters for the customers belonging to Bengal and the Sambalpur plant caters for the customers belonging to Odisha. We always focus on testing the qualities of our product and to be one of the best TMT bar company in India, we develop our strategy, approach and plan in such a way to achieve the mark one of the best TMT manufacturing company in India. Our scientific way of manufacturing products and robust testing of our manufacturing ensures the sustainability of all our intermediary and finished products.

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Jamuria plant

SEL Tiger TMT Bar plant Jamuria

Our manufacturing plants have helped our brand to be the best TMT bar manufacturing company in India. The Jamuria manufacturing plant at Odisha satisfies the customer needs of northeast India. Our management has the most powerful equipment for manufacturing steel products and we also implement the motive of continuous development. As per the report of December 31, 2020, we hold a captive power of 227 MW AND 5.71 MTPA. For the further development of the plants, we are focusing on increasing the manufacturing power from 5.71 MTPA, (as of 31.12.2020) to 11.60 MTPA and the captive power plants capacity from 227 MW to 357 MW. This again promotes the company as tmt best brand.The suggested and planned developments are to be implemented between the fiscal year 2022 and 2025. Additionally, to become the most favourite brand of the customer and to achieve the mark of best TMT bar manufacturing company in Eastern India, we are undergoing a process of commissioning an aluminium foil rolling mill at Pakuria, West Bengal. Our expected manufacturing capacity is 0.04 which is yet to be operational by Fiscal 2022.

Sambalpur plant

The manufacturing facility at Sambalpur is situated in Odisha and comprises a steel plant, which is highly integrated with the installed a metal capacity of 2.90 MTPA. The metal capacity allows to make mass production for the tmt bar manufacturing company, which is Shyam Metalics. The plant includes intermediate as well as final products, up to 31 December 2020. Since the aforementioned period, the manufacturing facility consists of two pellet facility, direct seven minimized iron kilns regarding sponge iron, which includes two kilns of 350 TPD for every plant, two kilns for 100 TPD along with three kilns of 500 TPD per plant, 12 billet furnaces for production of steel for best tmt brand. The system comprises four furnaces of 18 TPH, four furnaces regarding 8 TPH for each, and four furnaces regarding 12 TPH for each, structural, one rolling, pipe mill, and wire rod each along with seven Ferro alloy furnaces, two furnaces of 9 MVA for each, three furnaces of 11 MVA for each, and two furnaces of 6.0 MVA each. Both of the systems allow us to create reputation as best tmt bar manufacturing company not only in India, also it make the best tmt brand among other competitors.

TMT Bar manufacturing plant Sambalpur | SEL Tiger

Quality Process

Quality Testing is a strategy, approach, and plan derived from quality processes to ensure that the product quality delivery is robust. We sell the best quality TMT, structural products (Angles, Channels, Beams), Wire Rods and Pipes, a finished product, primarily in the states of West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana.

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