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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Shyam Metalics is committed to ensure the social upliftment of the communities in which it operates through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This policy lays down the guidelines and mechanism for undertaking socially useful programmes for welfare and sustainable development of the community at large.

Corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of the way we have been doing business. Our organization believes that a business house is much more than a profit center or an instrument of earning fortunes. Successful corporations are very important members of the society with immense responsibility of uplifting the living standard of the community and meeting the sustainable development goals designed to be a “Blue print to achieve a better and more sustainable Future for all.”

The company shall allocate at least 2% of its average net profit of the preceding three years towards certain activities to sustain and improve the quality of life of the communities it serves.

Key Policy-Clause

Shyam Metalics’ focus areas for developmental activities will be in urban and rural areas in the states in which it is located. The company may also support initiatives in other geographies, as approved by the CSR committee of the Board, from time to time. Company will ensure that all communities benefit from our CSR activities and would focus on those groups which are socially and economically underprivileged. These would include women, girls, people below poverty line and scheduled castes and tribes and other backward castes.


To actively contribute to the social & economic development of the community in the state, where the company operates, thereby building a better sustainable way of life for the weaker and socially backward, underprivileged section of the society and to raise the country’s human development index.

Vision of CSR Activities initiated by SEL Tiger TMT

Our Objective

The Main objective of Shyam Metalics CSR Policy is

  • To prepare system and guidelines to make CSR a key business process for the sustainable development of society.
  • To undertake projects/programs which will enhance the quality of life and economic wellbeing of the communities in and around our area of operations and society at large.
  • To generate good will and recognition among all stakeholders of the company.
CSR - Our Objective - SEL Tiger TMT


The CSR Committee shall consist of three Directors, who shall meet at least twice in a year to discuss and review the CSR activities and policy. The members of the committee are as follows.THE SHYAM GROUP of Company provides the vision under the leadership of the Chairman, Mr. Mahabir Prasad Agarwal. The CSR committee of Directors of the group companies shall consist of Directors (both Independent and Non-Independent) of the respective companies. The details of the composition of the CSR committee are as follows:

Mr. Mahabir Prasad Agarwal - Non Executive Director of SEL Tiger TMT

Mr. Mahabir Prasad Agarwal

Non Executive Director

He is the Non-Executive Chairman of our Company. He has been a Director of our Company since April 6, 2018. He is the founder of, and has been a director of, our Subsidiary, SSPL, since its inception and is one of the initial shareholders of our Company. He is actively involved in the CSR activities of our Company and our Subsidiary, SSPL. He has over three decades of experience in the steel and ferro alloys industry.

Mr. Brij Bhusan Agarwal - Executive Director of SEL Tiger TMT

Mr. Brij Bhusan Agarwal

Executive Director

He is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of our Company. He has been a Director of our Company since its inception in December, 2002.He is actively involved in the CSR activities of our Company and our Subsidiary, SSPL.He has over three decades of experience in the steel and ferro alloys industry.

Mr. Ajay Choudhary - Independent Director - SEL Tiger TMT

Mr. Ajay Choudhary

Independent Director

Ajay Choudhury is an Independent Director of our Company. He is actively involved in the CSR activities of our Company and our Subsidiary, SSPL.

CSR Policy & Activities

The scope of CSR activities of the company will cover the following areas but not limited and may be extended to other specific projects or work permitted under the CSR law from time to time.

Skill development training: A formidable feat towards empowering rural women

Skill development training by Shyam Metalics: A formidable feat towards empowering rural women.

Shyam Metalics has been committed to women’s empowerment for years and has endorsed several training programmes for rural women. To further our mission of empowering rural women in Sambalpur, we have partnered with USHA International to provide sewing and tailoring training at our training-cum-production centre in the Rengali Block of Sambalpur district in Odisha.

An overview of the training program:

Shyam Metalics Foundation set up a 25-day comprehensive training camp in its training-cum-production centre for rural women residing in and around Rengali village – Sambalpur, Odisha. At the centre, fifteen trainees learned sewing skills, enhanced their knowledge and ultimately started producing marketable garments.

The block development officer of Rengali Block, Mr Shankar Prasad Sahu, visited the training camp and encouraged the trainees by interacting with them. He considered this training camp to be a great opportunity for many such women in the area to learn new skills and improve their lifestyles. The local sarpanch from Nishanbanga and Rengali also visited the centre and appreciated the work.

Mobile Health Unit Program - CSR Activity of SEL Tiger TMT

Mobile Health Unit Program

The Flagship Mobile Health Unit (MHU) Program of Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited was launched by Mr. Sheetij Agarwal on behalf of Group Chairman Mr.Mahabir Prasad Agarwal. Group Chairman of Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited is of belief to give back to society where its business operations are done.

Mobile Health unit will operate near Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited Manufacturing plants based in Odisha (Sambalpur) and West Bengal ( Jamuria) the primary objective of this service is to provide free medical consultations, free medicines, home care services for Elder and Pregnant Women, basic diagnostics and Awareness on health preventive measures.

The program will provide direct benefits in 35 Villages in these areas. To run the program successfully Shyam Metalics Foundation has entered into a partnership with Helpage India who have experience of running more than 144 Mobile Medical units in India. The program will have immediate short-term and Long term improvement in the quality of life of communities living in these regions.

Football Tournament Academy - CSR Activity by SEL Tiger TMT

Football Tournament Academy

Shyam Metalics Foundation under its CSR Program promotes sports for the youth. Year 2021-22 was marked with great success and pride for the Football academy which participated in 9 District level tournaments and won the winner’s trophy. Academy also participated in 3 state level tournaments and emerged winner in 1 and runners up in 2. Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited supports 80 rural boys and girls near its manufacturing plants in Jamuria and Mangalpur in West Bengal. They have hired experienced coach, support staff who coach players on a daily basis. Under CSR, players are given sports kits, nutritious food, full time 2 hours daily training, medicines and other logistics support. Company salutes the winners and is committed for a better and brighter future.

Solarization Projects of SEL Tiger TMT

Solarization Project

Steel sector is a hard-to-abate sector as far as GHG emissions are concerned. Till economically viable technologies become ubiquitous, there are options like embracing renewable energy in the production process.

Thus Shyam S-E-L and Power ltd has embarked on its renewable journey by installing 1085.4KWp capacity floating solar PV plant on the two water reservoirs at Jamuria. The solar plant was commissioned on 29.01.2022

The installation of a floating solar PV plant has many benefits such as GHG reduction, protecting water vaporisation, no excess space required and beautification of the area.

The GHG offset by floating solar PV plants is about 22 tco2 e/day. Prevention of water vaporisation to the tune of 2mm/day. The above are the benefits of floating solar PV plants.

World Environment Day'2022 | SEL Tiger TMT

World Environment Day’2022

On account of World Environment Day, 2022, the Shyam Metalics Foundation (Jamuria and Mangalpur CSR Team) organised various activities such as drawing competition, poster making, skit, play and plantation activities from 28th May- 05th June’2022. The objective of these activities was to spread awareness regarding the threat to the environment due to rising pollution levels and climatic changes. The activities were organised at 20 schools (13 schools from Mangalpur and 7 schools from Jamuria) and 4 coaching centres. A total of 185 children participated in the competitions, and prizes were awarded to the winners. 38 youths from sewing centre and computer training centre also participated in the drawing competition. The plantation activity was done by the Bahadurpur Pradhan, BMHO along with students of computer and coaching centres of Dhasna, Hubdubi and Chawkidanga village. Shri Jishnu De (BDO, Jamuria), Shri Sumit Chakraborty (Member of the Board of Directors), Shri Alok Mishra (Factory manager, Jamuria), Ujjwal Chatterjee (Factory manager, Mangalpur), Renuka Baburi (Saha Sabhapati, Jamuria) and Ujjwal Mondal (BMHO) also participated in the program.