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The Influence of TMT Re-bars On Urban Infrastructure

TMT bars
June 11, 2024

The Indian cities of 2024 are no longer what they used to be. They are the centre of growth that take the country forward. Now increasingly filling up with skyscrapers,…

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The Rising Demand For TMT Bars In India: How To Stay Ahead of the Curve

The Rising Demand For TMT Bars In India - SEL Tiger TMT
May 22, 2024

While the construction industry in India right now is booming more rapidly than ever due to increasing urbanisation and infrastructural development on a large scale, it is important to remember…

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Navigating the Supply Chain: Strategies for Distributors to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

TMT Bar Supply Chain
April 29, 2024

In the realm of TMT or Thermo mechanically treated bars, supply chain challenges can be a huge problem for distributors. Managing supply chains effectively, and getting on top of issues…

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TMT Bar vs QST Bar: Understanding the differences

TMT Bar vs QST Bar
April 25, 2024

Structural integrity is of paramount importance in the construction sector. As a result, the choice of building material is key for the consumer while making the purchase. The options available…

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What is The Impact of Heat Treatment On TMT Bar Properties?

Impact of Heat Treatment | SEL Tiger TMT
April 17, 2024

The process of manufacturing thermo mechanically treated bars is perhaps the most technical out of all the building or creating proceedings involved in the construction sector. These steel bars unlike…

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Exploring the Influencing Factors on TMT Bar Pricing

TMT Bar Pricing | SEL Tiger TMT
March 29, 2024

Without good-quality steel, the construction industry wouldn’t be able to operate, let alone thrive. It is the backbone- the foundation on which all great structures worldwide are built. In the…

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How to Avoid Rusting (Corrosion) In TMT Bars?

Rusting in TMT bars | SEL Tiger TMT
March 27, 2024

Rust or corrosion though common, is a major concern in construction. More so in regions that are prone to moisture and humidity, it can cause serious structural damage to and…

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What Is the Major Difference Between HYSD and TMT Bars?

HYSD Bars vs TMT Bars
March 15, 2024

Both HYSD and TMT are steel bars that are unlike the traditional ones long been in use across the construction industry. While HYSD or High Yield Strength Deformed Bars are…

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Impact of Thermex Technology on TMT Bars

Thermex Technology on TMT Bars | SEL Tiger TMT
February 19, 2024

Thermex technology is an exclusive process that helps in the production of high-strength and corrosion-resistant TMT bars for construction. Thermex Technology makes sure that the bars possess high-yield strength, bendability,…

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What is the influence of Carbon on TMT Rebars?

Carbon on TMT Rebars | SEL Tiger TMT
February 15, 2024

TMT bars are known for the fundamental role they play in reinforcing concrete structures. These bars add stability, strength, flexibility and durability to construction. One of the key elements in…

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