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Keeping Buildings Rain Ready: India’s No.1 Corrosion Resistant TMT Bar

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The very much-awaited monsoon in India has made its onset. Although for most people it means a much-needed respite from the heat, for buildings, bridges, flyovers, dams and plenty of other public utilities, it is a matter of worry if you have not used the correct building material that is required. Corrosion is a major problem with not just buildings but any architecture, especially in a country like India where the threat of humidity, pollution and rainfall is very high. That is why the need for corrosion-resistant TMT bar steel is getting higher with every passing day.

Corrosion doesn’t just affect the structural integrity of a building but also wreaks havoc on the people concerned with major expenses due to repair, renovation and maintenance. This article explores the ways in which modern construction materials such as thermomechanically treated bars are combating corrosion and especially rain in this forthcoming period of long monsoon. We will also discuss what for you as a stakeholder in construction will be the right choice to make if you are thinking about implementing your dream project.

How Does Corrosion Resistance Combat Rain?

To combat corrosion resistance in an effective way as you need it, one must get corrosion-resistant TMT bar steel and that too from a reliable manufacturer to make sure that the moisture in the air and the humid monsoon climate do not reach the microstructure of the rebar. Thus, to ensure this, you must go for a manufacturer that makes TMT bars with advanced corrosion protection. The presence of an extra protective oxide layer to stop pollutants and other contaminants in the air from entering the unique microstructure that a thermo-mechanically treated bar has is only made possible by this extra protective oxide coating.

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Exposure to rain for days as it happens during monsoons can very much lead to the formation of cracks, leakages and even failures as major as collapses. If these don’t happen, then another common phenomenon that takes place which can interrupt your existence and make your structure look ugly is moisture ingress: its growth can not just distort the exterior look but also cause health hazards.

To combat these hazards, prominent manufacturers like SEL Tiger make TMT bars with raw materials such as chromium to increase the corrosion resistance of steel. Rigorous quality control and stringent testing facilities at manufacturing plants are also key in ensuring the creation of corrosion-resistant TMT Bar steel- the only solution to India’s relentless monsoon that lasts for 3 months.

SEL Tiger: India’s Best Corrosion Resistant TMT Bar Manufacturer

Leading the construction industry in India for the last 50 years, SEL Tiger is the most reliable name in the industry amongst architects, designers, builders, contractors, small businesses and household owners. Guaranteeing advanced corrosion protection, stringent quality control and long-term durability, your building downtime will be reduced to zero if opt for us.

Producing every TMT Bar after passing it through the salt spray, SEL Tiger takes special care to make sure that how its TMT bars respond to harsh environmental conditions gets tested during manufacturing. Thus, not only providing increased safety but also sustainability, cost efficiency and enhanced durability, SEL Tiger is the most trusted name even in regions that are perilously close to the sea and in seismic-prone zones. Now producing the number 1 corrosion-resistant TMT bar steel even for industrial structures that are exposed to corrosive chemicals on a daily basis, we are the safest choice during not just monsoons but all year long. Boosting robustness and contributing to the growth of India through urbanisation, our goal remains to never compromise an inch on customer satisfaction, thus always giving our all to assure the best value for money.

Author Bio: Bishan Mukherjee is a TMT Bar specialist having long been driving projects across various construction sites in the country. Monsoon is nothing but chaos for the building industry; his goal after having acquired a lengthy patch of experience remains to make sure that the perils of monsoon finally get defeated by the innovations and commitment of construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do SEL Tiger’s TMT Bars Resist Corrosion?

Firstly by using raw materials like chromium to increase resistance to corrosive forces, secondly through stringent quality testing including the salt spray test during manufacturing and thirdly by creating bars that because of their extra protective oxide layer have advanced corrosion protection to combat nature.

2. Where Are Corrosion Resistant TMT Bars Most Needed? 

Corrosion-resistant TMT bar steel is most needed in areas where either the sea is very close, where rainfall occurs torrentially or where the threat of seismic activity is very high. 

3. What Is Advanced Corrosion Protection?

Advanced corrosion protection is nothing but the presence of an extra protective oxide layer that stops moisture and oxygen from impacting the layer of steel and creating a layer of rust.

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