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What Is the Major Difference Between HYSD and TMT Bars?

HYSD Bars vs TMT Bars

Both HYSD and TMT are steel bars that are unlike the traditional ones long been in use across the construction industry. While HYSD or High Yield Strength Deformed Bars are first heated and then cooled under extreme temperatures to make them usable for both lightweight and heavyweight structures, TMT Bars, on the other hand, are thermo mechanically treated to render them out as the only construction material in the entire industry to have a hardened outer layer and soft-ferrite core at the same time. Although both these steel bars are more durable, tensile and reliable than the others, TMT Bars are the only ones to be completely immune to physical deformation for all household, commercial and industrial architectures out there.

Understanding HYSD Bars

HYSD or High Yield Strength Deformed refers to steel bars that are manufactured by heating the rods uniquely. Created under extremely high temperatures, these bars after being heated are coldly twisted to make them stronger and more tensile. Having always proved themselves worthy amongst other materials for building construction, these bars being flexible and durable can be used for both lightweight and heavyweight structures. Having been manufactured under a unique process of both heating and cooling, they can be used for construction in wet regions to build tunnels and underground sewage. Their enhanced ductility and malleability allow for easier bending and shaping during construction. They also exhibit high weldability and thus can be used for various structural applications.

But, despite all the aforementioned features and possible advantages, there are certain limitations associated with them. Susceptible to corrosion if not properly taken care of and protected, they can compromise the building’s structural integrity over time. They are also not the most up-to-date building material in the construction industry. TMT Bars are way more sophisticated and innovative, and thus, more relevant and useful in today’s day and age. But still, do keep in mind that HYSD bars have much higher yield strength than other traditional steel bars.

Understanding TMT Bars

TMT Bars are the latest innovations in the construction industry. TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars get rapidly cooled in a water spray system immediately after they leave the rolling mill. This is one unique way of forming a hardened outer layer on the bars as it leaves the core untouched. The core remains soft and ductile as intended. This combination of a tough outer surface and soft inner core is what makes TMT Bars stand out from the rest. Highly flexible and ductile, every TMT bar has a soft-ferrite-pearlite core so that it can easily be bent and moulded during construction.

Equipped with superior strength and durability, the unique microstructure of a TMT Bar imparted by the thermo-mechanical treatment guarantees higher tensile strength and elongation properties, making TMT bars the most suited for projects of large scale and where structural integrity is supreme. Exhibiting outstanding corrosion-resistant properties because of the presence of an oxide layer on the surface, TMT Bars have the longest lifespan out of any other construction ingredient, thereby making customers pay zero to almost little maintenance cost over the long term.

Key Differences Between HYSD and TMT Bars

Although both HYSD and TMT Bars are meant to make concrete structures more resistant, durable and strong, they can be distinguished because of their properties and manufacturing processes. Here are some factors for you to keep in mind while opting for one:

  • Manufacturing process- While HYSD bars first go through heating under extremely high temperatures, they are then cold twisted in rolling mills. TMT Bars, on the other hand, undergo thermo-mechanical treatment involving heat and rapid cooling cycles.
  • Strength and Durability- Stronger, more ductile and more corrosion-resistant as compared to HYSD Bars, TMT Bars are used way more across all sorts of applications, especially in high-rise buildings and infrastructure projects.
  • Cost and Availability- Because of their cutting-edge and hugely innovative manufacturing process, TMT Bars are more expensive than HYSD Bars. But because of their superior weldability, ductility, strength and weather-resistance power, they are a better value for money than any other steel bar in the long run.

Choosing The Best Quality TMT Bar: SEL Tiger

Armed with excellent cement, superior weldability, bendability, and corrosion, fire, and earthquake-resistant qualities, SEL Tiger is now India’s leading TMT Bar Supplier making sure no metal is prone to corrosion even in a climate zone as humid as India’s. The Best Quality TMT Bar Manufacturing brand, we make our bars with a special rib design that enhances their quality and bonding with cement, thus giving our TMT Bars the edge over others. By putting our TMT Bars through the most stringent processes, we make sure to deploy state-of-the-art technology and the most rigorous quality control measures, thereby ensuring maximum consistency and reliability for our customers.

By providing comprehensive support to our customers starting from product selection right up to after-sales service, we take your long-run maintenance cost right to zero. Equipped with high elongation points, every single bar of ours is earthquake and weather-resistant without any compromise in quality. This means that you only have to pay for the installation cost: our Best Quality TMT Bars require zero interference or maintenance from your side in the long run.


Thus, when you are choosing between HYSD and TMT Bars, it depends on not just the type of your construction project, but also the budget and long-term durability requirements. While both HYSD and TMT stand out from the other traditional kinds of steel bars in the industry, TMT bars due to being equipped with higher tensile strength and undergoing less residual stress, are completely immune to physical deformation, thereby delivering unmatched performance and reliability for your best projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are TMT Bars Considered Better Than HYSD Bars?

The key point of difference between the two kinds of steel bars is their properties. Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars have enhanced properties- a higher tensile strength, better ductility and superior corrosion resistance compared to HYSD Bars. They are also completely immune to physical deformation which is not true with HYSD bars. This makes TMT Bars the preferred choice.

2. Are TMT Bars more cost-effective compared to HYSD Bars?

The initial cost of TMT Bars is higher than HYSD Bars. But TMT Bars, due to being a superior product has zero maintenance cost in the long run. This is not the case with HYSD Bars: you need to invest frequently in it even after its installation. Thus, with fewer maintenance requirements, longer lifespan and better quality, TMT Bars are definitely a much better value for money than HYSD Bars.

3. Can TMT Bars Be Used Interchangeably with HYSD Bars in Various Construction Projects?

Yes, TMT Bars can be used interchangeably with HYSD Bars in construction projects. However, consulting structural engineers and adhering to project requirements and local conditions is a must.

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