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7 Benefits of Selecting SEL Tiger TMT ReBar in Building Your Dream Home

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Building a house is a dream come true for many. And when it comes to meeting your dream home, quality cannot be compromised! TMT is the foundation of any construction, and in the euphoria of building your dreams, it is a must to choose the best TMT bar for house construction, this is where we come in, the choice of modern construction SEL Tiger TMT Rebar. Here are 7 significant advantages of opting for SEL Tiger TMT Rebar as your TMT bar supplier.

1. Shyam SEL Tiger TMT For High Strength ReBars

SEL Tiger TMT stands out for its exceptional strength, symbolized by the tiger in our logo. Unlike conventional TMT bars crafted from recycled materials, we utilize primary steel produced in our own manufacturing facility to create high-strength TMT bars. Moreover, our adherence to BIS norms and regulations guarantees that our TMT Re-Bars not only meet but also exceed the minimum rib area requirements. We go the extra mile by conducting extensive research and testing to demonstrate how a larger rib area enhances the strength of our TMT bars, leading us to incorporate maximum rib area for superior performance. The advanced rib design forms a stronger, more ductile and long-lasting Tiger Bond with Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC), to impart your dream home with supreme strength.

2. Make Cost-Efficient Choices with SEL Tiger TMT

Used extensively in commercial and residential construction, TMT bars comprise 25% of overall construction project costs. Using high-quality TMT can lower the overall expenses massively. The TMT bars are manufactured with consistent primary steel, which reduces the use of steel by 12-15%. This helps in reducing the dependency on TMT rebars in large numbers. As each TMT bar has a high load-bearing capacity, it can help in decluttering the construction beams with TMT.

Here are the benefits of reducing the number of TMT bars used in construction;

  • Saves time: Lower time is required for placing the bars, which improves construction efficiency.
  • Lower Labour Cost: Higher grade TMT bars have high load-bearing capacity, which transforms to a lower number of TMT bar requirements for a smaller diameter. As the installation of the number of TMT bars is reduced, it eventually reduces the cost of labour, as more work can be done in the same amount of time.
  • Bigger savings: Using SEL Tiger TMT over any other 415, and Fe 550 D TMT Bar ensures approximately 12.7% of savings.

3. Stringent Test, Superior Quality

To ensure each of the bars is of quality, the TMT rebars are tested meticulously at the testing facilities. Being the top TMT bar manufacturer in India, we test each batch according to Indian and International standards to comply with the best environmental, safety, and health certifications. The rebars have NABL accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017. With NABL accreditation, BIS, NHAI, and RDSO-approved SEL Tiger TMT rebars ensure that they meet the national standards for quality, reliability, and safety.

4. Manufacturing Excellence

Each rebar released in the market is forged in an integrated steel plant and is perfect for homes. The TMT bar is manufactured in ore to metal steel plants and it imparts superior strength to every corner of your home. At Shyam Steel, we ensure the best quality TMT bars are manufactured utilising eco-friendly processes and systems for sustainable manufacturing. We are primary steel producers in India, which allows us to control the quality of the steel, and the TMT bars from scratch. This is why, while choosing TMT bars, you must always ensure the bars are manufactured at an integrated steel plant.

5. Advanced Manufacturing Process

The Fe 500D Grade TMT bars of SEL Tiger TMT are manufactured through an advanced, quality-controlled manufacturing process. In this the iron ore extracted from the mines is used for extraction of iron, combining with other metal and non-metal, reducing iron, transforming into pig iron, making palettes, and then using the manufactured steel to make best quality sariya using German Thermex Technology. This extensive process helps in the manufacturing of thermo mechanically treated bars which are less prone to corrosion, more ductile, and highly durable, making them the perfect choice for strong, long-lasting homes.

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6. Ductility of the ReBars

SEL TMT tiger is manufactured through an advanced yield Quenching and self-tempering process (HYQST) or quenching and self-tempering process (QST). The process helps in delivering high tensile strength to the TMT rebars which improves the elongation, bendability and rebendability of the TMT bars. The TMT bars of SEL Tiger TMT have a combination of various microstructures that improve the strength and ductility of the bars. The Quenching, Tempering, and Final cooling stage at conducted at various temperatures, so the end product has the highest level of purity.

7. Earthquake Resistant

The TMT ReBars manufactured at our extensive manufacturing unit have high earthquake resistance. The high percentage of elongation as mentioned above, along with the yield strength, make the TMT bars. SEL Tiger is the manufacturer and supplier of Fe 550 D TMT bars with sizes 10mm, 20mm, 12mm, 8mm, and 16mm are recommended for seismic zones. TMT bars which are made of scrape do not have a high elongation percentage and must be avoided in seismic zones.


In conclusion, when considering the construction of your dream house, the choice of construction materials holds paramount importance. SEL Tiger TMT Rebar is the epitome of quality, durability, and safety, ensuring that your dream house stands strong for years to come. By selecting SEL Tiger TMT Rebar, you ensure the integrity and longevity of your construction, backed by reliability, quality, and innovation in every bar.

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