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Building a roof? Here are some useful insights on quality construction materials and finding the right TMT suppliers in Asansol

TMT Bars in Asansol

The roof of a house is one of the most important features. It protects you, your family and the entire structure from outdoor elements. It also significantly influences the curb appeal of the house. Therefore,  it is important to ensure that quality construction material is used while building the roof. Here we discuss common construction materials  for building roofs and how to find the right TMT suppliers in Asansol:  

Common construction materials used for making a roof include: 

  • Cement: One of the most basic construction materials that is needed to build the roof slab is cement. To keep your house and family secure from weather elements such as sunlight, wind, and rain, use high-quality cement. If good quality of cement is not used along TMT bars, the roof may sag easily, compromising the integrity of the structure. Use high-quality cement that resists water absorption and dampness.
  • Coarse aggregates:  To ensure the desired strength and durability of a structure, it’s important to choose good-quality coarse aggregates. Coarse aggregates refer to sand, gravel, and broken stones. Ideally, coarse aggregates of a size of 20 mm or less are used for concrete works. The size and texture of coarse aggregate can be visually inspected. But, the porosity and gradations require lab tests.
  • Fine aggregate: Fine aggregates consist of natural sand or any crushed stone particles that are less than 9mm. Pit Sand, river sand and sea sand are some fine aggregates.  Good-quality fine aggregates are free from impurities. They should not react with cement and absorb too much water. They are used for making  mixed concrete. They are also used for preparing mortar for masonry work.
  • TMT bars: Although cement has a lot of strength, it has no tensile strength. Therefore TMT bars are used in cement to increase its tensile strength. Without the use of TMT bars, buildings cannot resist the effects of an earthquake. High-quality 550D TMT bars are highly ductile and can hold the building during an earthquake.

Looking for TMT suppliers in Asansol? 

If you are looking for TMT suppliers in Asansol, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars.  Made using high-grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique THERMEX, our TMT bars are: 

  • Corrosion-resistant:  A coating of chromium and nickel alloy makes them resist corrosion. 
  • Fire-resistant: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars can withstand temperatures up to 600-degree celsius. 
  • Earthquake resistant: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars have 16% elongation, which exceeds the usual 12% norm. This helps in resisting the effects of earthquakes. 
  • Certified: Our SEL Tiger TMT bars are ISO, BIS-certified and NABL-approved. 

For more information about our TMT bars, get in touch with us.

Binding wire: Binding wires are used for tying TMT bars at joints so as to keep the structure intact. Made of mild steel, the good-quality binding wire should be flexible enough to allow easy workability and strong enough to not break. The diameter of the binding wire depends on the size of the TMT bars and the laid they support.

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