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How to build a strong building foundation? Useful insights on the use of TMT bars

Use of TMT bars | SEL Tiger TMT

There are no two ways that the foundation on which a building is built is the most significant component. It is the basis of a building that transfers load from the superstructure to the earth. There can be structural problems in the future if the foundation is not built properly. Once the foundation starts rusting or deteriorating, the base of the columns will sink into the ground making the structure unstable. Although foundations are made from a number of materials — reinforced concrete, TMT rods, and stone. Here we share with you tips on building a strong building foundation and how to use of TMT bars for it: 

1. Know the soil condition: Before you start laying the foundation for your house,  it is important to understand the type and condition of soil. The type of soil you are constructing upon plays a huge role in choosing the building materials. It is a good idea to get soil inspection done before proceeding with any construction. Some of the soil tests that are done before laying the foundation are:

  • Moisture content test
  • Specific gravity of soil
  • Dry density of soil
  • Compaction test 

Note: The spacing of TMT bars depends on the type of soil. 

2. Use high quality TMT bars: TMT bars play a significant role in giving the foundation much-needed strength and stability. Good quality TMT bars also help in resisting the effects of earthquakes. The TMT bars are placed inside a block of concrete. Ideally, TMT bars should not be too close to the earth. Although these rods are mechanically treated so that they can withstand a good amount of pressure and load, this is done to reduce the risk of corrosion. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use high quality corrosion resistant TMT bars. 

If you are looking to buy corrosion-resistant TMT rods, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. Manufactured using the latest quenching technology, SEL Tiger TMT bars come with enhanced anti-corrosive properties that ensure that they form a long-lasting bond with the concrete. Our TMT bars are not just corrosion-resistant but also earthquake-resistant. The high bendability of SEL Tiger TMT bars help the structure to withstand Tremors and after effects of earthquakes. As they comply with IS 1786:2008 for Fe 550D grade, SEL Tiger  TMT bars give houses a strong foundation making them ideal for earthquake-prone areas. To know TMT bar price in West Bengal, click here For information other than rod price in West Bengal, contact us.

3. The layout should be strategically planned: To make a strong foundation, the height and weight of the building needs to be taken into consideration. Usually, the foundation should be of equal length and size to take the weight of the house. 

4. Make sure there is no water in the concrete: When you build the foundation, it needs to be dry. If you start constructing on wet cement, the water will get trapped inside and the foundation will remain weak. Make sure that the foundation has no signs of cracks or water seepage from time to time. 

5. Use high quality bolts: The bolts that are fixed into the slab of the foundation play a significant role in making the foundation strong. Firstly, high quality and corrosion resistant bolts should be used. They should be set perfectly and evenly on the foundation.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I ensure the durability of TMT bars in my foundation?

Investing in corrosion-resistant TMT bars such as the SEL Tiger TMT bar can significantly enhance the longevity of the foundation. These bars undergo advanced quenching, technology, ensuring they form a lasting bond with the concrete to resist corrosion, thereby maintaining the foundation’s integrity over time. 

2. Does soil type play a role in choosing a TMT bar for the foundation?

Yes, the foundation of any construction needs to be strong which is why building materials such as reinforced concrete, TMT bars and stone are added. The quality of soil underlying a construction site plays a critical role in determining the stability and longevity of a building’s foundation. Considering factors like soil bearing capacity, soil corrosivity, and soil type helps in the right selection of TMT bars. 

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