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The impact of TMT bars on the fire-resistance of the construction | TMT Bar Grades

Impact of fire-resistant TMT bars for construction

Fire safety is a critical factor to consider when constructing a building. Fire resistance refers to a building’s ability to withstand the effects of a fire and limit its spread while also keeping the occupants safe. Using fire-resistant construction materials such as Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars can significantly increase the safety of a building in case of a fire. By prioritising fire safety during construction, buildings that offer better protection to the occupants and reduce the risk of property damage can be constructed. 

Important features of TMT bars and how they impact fire-resistance of a building

TMT bars are high strength and durable bars that form the structural core of any building. The soft inner core and rigid exterior of TMT bars give them excellent flexibility and weldability, which is particularly beneficial in areas prone to seismic activity. Moreover, TMT bars also possess high tensile strength and ductility, which makes them an ideal material for construction purposes. As per the Bureau of Indian Standards, TMT bars are available in different grades which indicate the minimum yield strength of the bars. 

At SEL Tiger TMT bars, we offer the following grades: 

  • Fe415
  • Fe500
  • Fe500 D
  • Fe500 S
  • Fe550 D
  • Fe600

The manufacturing process of TMT bars contribute to their excellent fire resistant properties. At SEL Tiger, we use the unique Thermex mechanism which is a distinctive German technology solely used for the production of the best quality TMT bars. The Thermex process involves a unique combination of rolling, water quenching, tempering, cooling, and cutting, resulting in TMT bars that are of the highest quality. The water cooling process in Thermex technology leads to the formation of a martensite layer on the external surface of the TMT bar, which offers excellent fire resistance. This layer transforms into a protective oxidised layer in case of a fire, providing further protection to the TMT bars.

In comparison, traditional steel bars do not offer fire protection and can lose their integrity when exposed to high temperatures. Unlike TMT bars, mild steel bars do not have a protective coating, which reduces their ductility when exposed to fire or high heat.

TMT bars also have several different benefits which make them a preferred pick among builders:

  • TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. 
  • They can withstand high external load without deforming or getting damaged easily. This makes them ideal for construction projects in areas with possibility of earthquakes, frequent cyclones and floods. 
  • They are highly weldable. 
  • TMT bars are easily available and convenient for construction projects that require quick supply of materials. 
  • They also have a longer lifespan owing to their durability and strength.

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Looking for the best TMT bar in India? 

If you are looking for the best TMT brand in India, explore SEL Tiger TMT bars. Our TMT bar range, which spans from 5.5mm to 32mm, features a MAX AR VALUE that enhances the bond with cement, resulting in stronger construction. Our TMT bars also offer excellent weldability, smoother surface conditions, and reduced thermal conductivity, ensuring defect-free work. These properties make them a preferred choice for construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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