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Impact of Thermex Technology on TMT Bars

Thermex Technology on TMT Bars | SEL Tiger TMT

Thermex technology is an exclusive process that helps in the production of high-strength and corrosion-resistant TMT bars for construction. Thermex Technology makes sure that the bars possess high-yield strength, bendability, weldability and ductility along with resistance to fire and earthquake.

The Thermex Technology is utilized by the best TMT bar manufacturer in India – SEL Tiger. The reason behind using the Technology is to produce TMT Bars that bring different grades and sizes of TMT bars for several applications and requirements.

Thermex Technology also known as TMX bars has more prominent ribs compared to TMT bats which supports greater strength, adhesiveness and longer life.

Thermex Technology is globally accepted by architects and civil engineers as it boosts the safety and durability of concrete structures.

The Thermex Technology is used by SEL Tiger, the best TMT bar in India in building power plants, dams, bridges, and residential and commercial buildings. It is also environmentally friendly.

In this blog, we will walk you through the impact Thermex Technology has on TMT bars, stay tuned!

The Impact Of Thermex Technology on TMT Bars

To make TMT bars more powerful and fire resistant TMX (Thermex) technology is used in our TMT bar production, here are some of the impacts TMT bars have on them with the use of Thermex Technology.

Enhances the Toughness

Thermex Technology boosts the yield strength and toughness of the TMT bars, making them a preferable choice for high-stress applications.

Improves Overall Performance

It also improves the weldability, ductility and bendability of the bars, making them simple to work with and flexible to different designs and shapes.

Increases Fire-Resistance

It boosts the fire resistance of the bars as the martensitic layer on the external surface can resist temperatures up to 600 degrees Celcius by keeping its strength intact.

Reduces Corrosion

It also helps in the reduction of the corrosion on the bars, as the process of quenching removes the surface defects and torsional stress that can lead to rusting.

Decreases Cost Production

It reduces the cost of production, as it does not need the utilization of expensive alloys to gain the coveted properties.


It also minimizes the environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Differences Between TMT and TMX Bars

TMT and TMX bars are two different kinds of reinforced steel bars used in construction, they have their processes, properties, costs and uses. Let’s take a look at the differences between TMT and TMX bars:

  • Manufacturing Process: TMT bars are made by Thermo-mechanical treatment which includes quenching, self-tempering and atmosphere cooling. On the other hand, TMX bars are made by Tempcore which includes heating and quick cooling procedures.
  • Properties: TMT bars have a strong outer layer and a soft inner core, but TMX bars have a tempered martensitic surface layer and ferrite-pearlite core, which gives them more strength, more flexibility and more elongation power.
  • Uses: TMT bars are preferred for more residential and commercial buildings for they can provide sufficient strength and ductility. Whereas, TMX bars are more appreciated for large-scale and complex projects like tunnels, power plants etc.
  • Costs: TMT bars are typically more affordable than TMX bars, as they have an easier and more common manufacturing process. But in the case of TMX, these bars are more costlier as they use patented German Technology along with better properties.


To sum up, Thermex Technology is a top-notch process that boosts the quality and performance of TMT bars, making them a preferred choice for several construction projects. TMX bars are made by Thermex Technology, which has more superior attributes than TMT bars like flexibility, elongation, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and higher strength. However, Thermex Technology-influenced steel bars are more expensive and less available than TMT bars, which are widely used for their low price. If you have a construction project on your hands and have the budget and requirements, SEL Tiger- The best TMT bar manufacturer in India is at your service by providing you with the best TMT bar produced with the help of Thermex Technology. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TMX Full-form for steel?

TMX (Thermex Powered) steel is a high-quality TMT steel bar, it has various choices over TMT bars as far as paramount properties. For instance, quality, weldability, and high tensile factors.

  1. How can you tell good quality TMT bars?

The most essential characteristic of the TMT bars is ductility. The bars perform a bending test which happens manually. If you have the right TMT bars then it will bend without breaking and will not show any signs of cracks. On the other hand, bad-quality bars can break during this test.

  1. How is Thermex different from TMT?

Thermex possesses a low carbon percentage i.e. 0.15%, whereas TMT steel possesses carbon at 0.30%. TMX bars are less corrosion-prone than TMT bars. TMT provides less resistance to earthquakes and other natural hazards than TMX bars.

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