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From finding the best contractors to buying the best TMT bar in Odisha: here’re some useful tips on home renovation

TMT price in Odisha - SEL Tiger TMT

Home renovation makes your house more comfortable and functional. Renovation is an excellent opportunity to customise your home as per your preferences and needs. However, renovation needs proper planning so that your dream can be smoothly transformed into a reality. If you are renovating your home in Odisha, here are some tips you may find useful: 

  1. Find the best contractors: Choosing the right contractor is important for renovating a house. Before shortlisting contractors, it is a good idea to get the blueprint of the renovation you want to make. This way, you can choose the best contractor or a specialist for particular areas. Good contractors have years of experience in renovation. They will guide you with quality construction material and can also help you modify the design to enhance the workability of your house.
  2. Use high-quality TMT bars:  TMT bars provide strength and durability to the structure. So, it is essential to choose the best TMT bar in Odisha. TMT bars maintain a synergy between strength and flexibility. This property makes the earthquake resistant. Some of the other important properties of TMT bars include corrosion and fire resistance, good ductility, and weldability. If you are looking for the best TMT bar in Odisha, consider SEL Tiger TMT bars. We are among the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India. Our TMT bars are BIS and ISO certified. We use high-grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques such as THERMEX. Check the TMT price in Odisha here.
  3. Work out the budget: Before starting the project, you should thoroughly research costs and budget. Do not guess the price of building materials, rather choose the products and brands to arrive at an approximate budget.  Remember, you will only get a realistic budget once you will speak to a couple of contractors. 
  4. Check for renovation restrictions before you start: For renovation work, you need to take approvals from the local authorities. Approvals may take some time, so it is advisable to take them in advance. In some of the housing societies for the exterior renovation you not only need approval but also need to follow some rules and regulations such as putting green cloth around the area.
  5. Create a timeline for your renovation project: Be clear on the steps you will need to take to renovate the property before you make a start. You might find that work in one room may impact those in another, so have a clear vision for the whole house and prepare a schedule of work listing the order of jobs. 
  6. Inform your neighbours and building manager: Living next door to a building site can be quite stressful. Remember that you have a vested interest in the work being carried out but your neighbours do not.  So, being considerate and transparent with your neighbours will take the edge off any inconveniences and tensions. Make sure your builders know about things such as shared entryways and common areas so that they don’t leave them obstructed. Inform your neighbours in advance about large deliveries.

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